Complete Pet Identification for Responsible Owners and Professionals, Collective Contribution to Animal Welfare.

Accountable Humans, Protected Pets.


... for Responsible Pet Owners

A Genuine Commitment As Their Companion Of Life. Shared Digital Identity With Medical Records For Easy Reunification, Transparent, And Better Health Care.

... for Professionals

Cloud-Based Digital Tools For Transparent And Easy Pet Management For Businesses or for the Non-Profit Organizations. Not Only Free But Also With Substantial Financial Benefits.

Pets.IDentity for Animal Welfare

Effective Pet Identification is the Only Way To Control Pet Abandonment, Animal Theft, Stray Animal And Shelter Populations.

Microchip Implant

Proof Of Ownership, Certified, Universal, Permanent  identification that cannot fall off, be removed, or become impossible to read.

Smart Collar Tag

A shield As small as a coin, Identity on the go for Easy reunification.

Ownership Card

Not only a card, A key to Access Pets’ ID.


Integrated Digital Platform and Pet Database in the cloud for everyone to be the voice of the animals.

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